Ravi Jain, President & CEO

Ravi has a background in microbial bioinformatics. Prior to cBio, Ravi was responsible for technical marketing at Cognia. Before that, he developed predictive studies for point-of-care diagnostics development at Alere. Ravi started his career designing drugs at Isis Pharmaceuticals. He currently leads the corporate and business development functions at cBio.

Ravi earned his PhD from UCLA.

Kumar Hari, Chief Scientific Officer

Kumar’s expertise is in chromosome biology, functional genomics, and bioinformatics. He currently oversees the development of the MRS and PATRN platforms.

Prior to cBio, Kumar held business development and program management roles at Ibis Biosciences and Abbott, where his work led directly to the spin-off of cBio. Kumar has been a director of program management efforts at the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine and at the Myelin Repair Foundation, where he continues to volunteer.

Kumar earned his PhD from UC San Diego.


cBio delivers solutions to analyze and visualize an array of diagnostics data, as well as intuitively process and mine next-generation sequencing data. More »